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Living in 2020 has many benefits, and the one that helps us educators is online learning. We can learn or teach online for the comforts of our homes for free! There are plenty of free online courses and webinars for teachers now!

Professional development is a major aspect of my teaching practice. Learning about new research or interesting innovative teaching methods empowers me to keep improving.

I am very keen on planing my professional development. I am interested in inclusion, ICT in education, environmental education, and innovative teaching methodology.

When it comes to free webinars and courses, I always choose them based on certain criteria.
  1. All of them offer free certification – a certificate or a badge.
  2. They are based on scientific research and offer academic references for further learning.
  3. All of them are created by established universities or educational organizations.
  4. The presenters must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Education, Inclusion, Pedagogy, Psychology, or related fields.

It may seem that I am asking too much from a free course, but I don’t want to read and complete courses that are not based on scientific research. I also don’t want to complete courses that do not offer a certificate since I want to showcase my efforts in my portfolio. The education of the presenters is also crucial since that defines the quality of the presentation itself.

After completing a double master’s degree, I started expecting professional development presentations to be supported by academic research. I don’t always enjoy presentations that are based only on an educator’s experience. Almost every seminar in my country is based on personal experience, and I don’t want to attend similar conferences or webinars online.

I am not interested in earning CPD credit. My primary goal is learning and showcasing my efforts in my portfolio. If you need credits, you will have to check with every website if they offer such credits.

What are your areas of improvement?

Before you start your professional development journey, visit these links below, and identify your areas of improvement.

If you are not a native English speaker and you teach English, EF offers free language test certification. The EF test is the only valid free level test, and many organizations accept it. You can do your test HERE.

National Geographic Educator Certification is a 20-hour course with practical lessons you have to teach. You also have to submit a video reflection in a digital storytelling format. This is the best course in the world, and I will write about it in detail in another post. The course is moderated by mentors, and it is open twice a year. National Geographic also offers three additional courses other than this certification.

National Geographic – 5 free online courses

They recently opened two more new courses, so now they have six moderated online courses. All the courses offer outstanding content, an amazing community, free certification, and a chance to purchase university credits.

I completed the Teaching Global Climate Change in Your Classroom and Connecting the Geo-Inquiry Process to Your Teaching Practice.

I plan to complete the last 3 courses in the next 2 years.

  1. Collecting Data to Explore Plastic Pollution in Our Communities
  2. Mapping as a Visualization and Communication Tool in Your Classroom
  3. Integrating Service with Learning Goals
Bullying Prevention and Ed-Tech Courses

Anti-bullying Alliance from the UK offers free online courses for teachers about bullying prevention. They have many videos and illustrations! The courses can be used as teacher training material at your schools as well. Truly outstanding – I enjoyed every single page.

Microsoft for Education offers brilliant free online courses for teachers related to ed-tech. They currently have mare more than 100 courses with many different topics connected to ICT in education. They also have a Skype classroom where you can collaborate with classrooms all around the world. I completed these courses so far:

There are plenty of online courses and webinars for teachers now! Microsoft courses
Open University Free Courses

OpenUniversity offers free online courses for teachers on many interesting topics. They are usually long, so take your time completing them. Here is a list of my favorite courses:

EdWeb Webinars

EdWeb offers many free webinars, and you can also watch old webinars and complete a test to get your certificate. They have webinars almost every day. Make sure to check the qualification of the presenter. Sometimes I like the topic of the webinar, but I end up skipping it. It may sound harsh, but trainers and coaches are titles anyone can give to themselves nowadays.

British Council Courses and Webinars

British Council has two free courses, and a special discount for paid courses every month. If you join the Official British Council Teacher Group, you will get a different code every month. With this code, you can purchase their featured course for just 3£. Here are the two courses which are always free:

Canvas MOOCs

Canvas offers many MOOC courses presented by various universities. You can actively participate in discussions with other participants. Interesting educator-related courses are:

EF Teacher Zone

Free Webinars | EF Teacher Zone

EF offers six teacher development webinars, after which you will get an EF teacher development certificate. Their free webinars take place twice a year. You need to answer the questions after the webinars to get the certificate. You will get the certificate after you watch all six webinars, not for each webinar. The topics of the webinars are:

  • Games for skill building
  • Apps for the classroom and self-study
  • Optimizing classroom time
  • Differentiation for language and special needs
  • Formative assessments
  • How to encourage risk-taking in the classroom
PBS Teacherline courses

PBS teacherline courses are AMAZING! They are self-paced and you can complete them on Canvas LMS. They are very interactive and offer a lot of great content, presented in a visually appealing way so that you can learn easily.

Free educator-related courses with certificates on Undemy:

A fresh discovery with free quality courses recommended by a fellow educator!

Teacher Academy online courses are run by School Education Gateway. They are free and you can learn up-to-date methodology.

Organizations which often offer free webinars hosted by experienced and educated educators: 

Make sure to subscribe to their newsletter to get information about their upcoming webinars. They usually host a group of webinars twice a year, and the quality of the content and the presenters is outstanding.

EdmodoCon Miami 2019

I am presenting at EdmodoCon in November, and you can register to watch a live broadcast on the website. The attendance is free, and you can also purchase university credits for your PD.

Although October is almost over, there are still web conferences you can attend and start your new school year with an academic boost.

Click on THIS link to see my digital portfolio and current online professional development certifications.

 online courses and webinars for teachers

What do you think about this list of free online courses and webinars for teachers? What is the most important thing for you when you search for a free online course? Share your experience in the comments!

About Alice Glass

Alice is a 27 years old preschool teacher (Pre-K) with a B.Ed. She is currently enrolled in her Master studies, with a double major, one of them being English teaching methodology. She is also an online ESL teacher and blog writer for British Council. Last but not least, she is a mother of a very energetic toddler.


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  2. Hi..I am really interested to follow a free on line course to develop my english teaching skill. Please notify me when the course gets started. Thanks

    1. Hello, Gwi!
      I cannot inform you when courses start – please see what you like above, click on all the links, and leave your emails.
      You will be invited directly by the course providers when they start.
      Also, some of the courses are ongoing, so you can join right away! 🙂

  3. i want to start a course on professional development in teaching in July do let me know when a course starts

    1. Hello!

      Thank you for writing, but I cannot let you know when any courses start.
      Please explore the links I shared by yourself, subscribe to newsletters, bookmark the pages and then the organizations can send you a newsletter directly.

      Have a great day!


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