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Cool Kids for Eco Beats Project – ImpactEco (NGO)

Cool Kids for Eco Beats Project – Developing Environmental Awareness

How can environmental awareness be developed in a small country such as Serbia? Read on to see how we managed to squeeze ecology into the regular high school curriculum.

Project Cool Kids for Eco Beats educates students in elementary schools and high schools and helps them develop environmental literacy and awareness through a series of interactive and enticing workshops. The goal is to create proactive citizens of the planet and empower them to make a difference in their closest environment.

The project lasts for 4 weeks, and the workshops are organized once a week. The topics range from pollution, endangered species, climate change to current green news and projects.

We are offering a chance to the students to apply the learned content through various activities – from planting trees in schoolyards to proper waste disposal by using recycling bins given to the schools during the project.
The pilot project took place in April and May in 5 elementary and high schools in Belgrade.

The project consists of 4 individual workshops:

  • Environmental pollution
  • Renewable energy resources
  • Biodiversity conservation and endangered species
  • Recycling

I participated in 3 out of 4 workshops because I was traveling to Miami to present at EdmodoCon, but I really hope to facilitate the recycling workshop next year, since I missed it.

The project is run by volunteers, and they also create practical workshops based on the content given by ImpactEco. The workshops are accredited by the Ministry of Education, and they are conducted in formal education, in a 45-minute format. The volunteers come from different content areas – they are all educated and eager to develop environmental awareness through their activities. Real eco-leaders!

The workshops were conducted in October and November 2019 Smart Gymnasium – an IT-oriented high school in Novi Sad, Serbia. Stay tuned for more news and more detailed articles about all the workshops, including teacher and student testimonials.

What do you think about approaching the development of environmental awareness through interactive workshops? Have you ever volunteered in a green organization? Write in the comment section or via the contact page.

Cool Kids for Eco Beats – An Environmental Awareness Project

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