Dear Mother Goose by Michael Rosen Storytelling

Dear Mother Goose by Michael Rosen Storytelling: A video

Hi, everyone! I currently have about 50 books for children in my home library, so I finally started storytelling! I hope to record one video every week. This week we have a video story by Michael Rosen – Dear Mother Goose storytelling!

If you are a child, enjoy the story! ⚡ I

If you are a teacher, here’s an article for you where you can see how you can use this story face-to-face along with free digital material!

Mother Goose has a good idea to stop Humpty Dumpty from falling off the wall – and she helps lots of his friends too. Mother Goose helps Humpty Dumpty conquer his fear of falling, and Little Miss Muffet deal with an over-friendly spider as well as helping a whole host of other much-loved characters in this charming lift-the-flap book. Its witty, jokey letters are a nursery rhyme book with a twist from an award-winning author and illustrator team.

💙 All of the famous nursery rhymes characters wrote to Mother Goose with their problems that constantly repeat.

I am in love with this book, and I use it in many ways, and it is a part of my upcoming workshop on how to exploit lyrics for storytelling. ✨🎵

I hope you enjoyed this storytelling video for the Dear Mother Goose book by Michael Rosen and see you next week!
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