Alice in Methothodogyland is a nonprofit association dedicated to helping every single teacher who is teaching English to young and very young learners! We have FREE ESL materials, many articles, FREE teacher training and so much more!

Teaching English to young learners is nothing to be scared of – we got your back!

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As a nonprofit, we want to:

Help you develop as an educator

by providing you with free bite-sized courses, materials, webinars, and live mentoring groups every month.

Motivate you when you are stuck

by sharing activities and even mentoring you in our mentoring groups, and offering free teacher training as a nonprofit.

Share our experience and knowledge

and help you learn as you go by following the latest innovations in ESL teaching and early childhood education.

Help you fall in love with teaching English

by showing you bits and pieces of knowledge we collected in our teaching journies.

We offer:

  1. Free materials for very young learners
  2. Free teacher training for teachers teaching very young learners
  3. Mentorhsip groups for teachers teaching very young learners, of course, free
  4. Free live monthly webinars with amazing educators giving you amazing ideas on how to manage your ESL classroom and teach very young learners

We also collaborate with ELLoquent, a CLIL school of English for children, where we do free face-to-face and free online workshops!