My name is Milica Vukadin, and I live in Europe, Serbia. I am a preschool teacher and a primary English teacher.

I am currently finishing my Master’s studies, with an additional course program for English methodology for young learners. My biggest passions are environmental education and distance learning.

In my free time, I volunteer online with the Granny Cloud where I have sessions with children from India, and in my city, where I conduct a storytelling-based learning program for children coming from low-income communities.

Last, but not least, despite being an early childhood educator, I also teach adults. I am an online ESL teacher – head of language studies in B.Y.Mafit IELTS center in Nigeria and freelance English teacher on Preply. In the past year, I started conducting teacher trainings, and I hope to develop more professional development programs in the future. 

My online teaching alias is Alice, so don’t let that confuse you while you go through my portfolio.

P.S. I recently became a board member of the ELTA organization in Serbia!

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[Philological Grammar High School in Smederevo]

[2006] – [2011]

[Studied subjects: Serbian, English, Spanish, Latin, World Literature, Methodology of Translation, Linguistics, Rhetoric.]

[Faculty of Education in Jagodina, University of Kragujevac, Bachelor Studies]

[2011] – [2015]

[Preschool teacher & primary English teacher, relevant studied subjects: Psychology, School and Preschool Pedagogy, Didactics, Methodology of teaching Art, Music, Science, Language, P.E., Inclusive education, TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test), Introduction to English Teaching Methodology, Creative Activities in English Teaching]

[Faculty of Education in Jagodina, University of Kragujevac, Master Studies + additional English Methodology minor – ongoing]

[2018] – [Current]

[Relevant studied subjects: Academic English, Methodological Approaches of Teaching English, Curriculum Developing, English Teaching Practice.]

10.0 GPA - English Methodology, 9.30 GPA M.eD.

Average GPA without the thesis (currently in progress)

[Working with students from Asia and Europe mostly. The students were all ages (from children to adults) and all levels (from beginner to advanced). Rating 5.00 based on more than 700 student ratings!]

[Organizing children’s birthday celebrations, performances, and plays. Organizing competitions, games, and activities. Organizing creative workshops for children. Writing scripts for theater shows. 

[Teaching predominantly teens and children.
Developing original lesson materials and individualized curriculum.
Cooperating with the families of the students and developing students’ learning autonomy and 21st-century skills.
Selected as one of the top 10 tutors on the platform to teach group webinars for children. For the lesson recordings, click here.
Held an official professional development training for tutors on how to teach young learners. For the webinar recording and a reflection article, click here.
More than 1200 lessons conducted so far, rating 4.93 – click for my profile here]

[Organizing an English summer camp for the 3rd and 4th graders. Developing thematic lesson plans, along with creating promotional videos. The topic was World Travel and we spent one week in every country – Egypt, Sweden, Japan, and Mexico. Click here for the Sway program invitation.]

[Developing a full interactive distance learning IELTS preparation course and curriculum for more than 1900 students.

Designing the course, developing the curriculum, communicating with the students after the lessons, conducting the assessment, writing articles, and giving live group IELTS lectures online.
The course was presented at EdmodoCon in Miami 2019and was internationally recognized as a teaching innovation in terms of student engagement by Edmodo.

Created on Canvas LMS platform, consisting of:

1. Live video lessons and lesson recordings;
2. Essay assignments and peer-review submissions;
3. Oral summaries and debates;
4. Detailed strategies following the Official Guide to IELTS;
5. Interactive tests;
6. Use of ICT in Education to engage a large group of adult students;
7. General English and grammar in use.

Click here for the center website.]

[Developing and teaching a storytelling-based curriculum with a collection of more than 35 books for primary school students in English. Focusing storytelling and crafting as the main tools for language acquisition. This curriculum is created for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade, and it is organized in a local cultural center which aims to provide many educational activities. It is located in the suburbs and another aim is to include children from socially deprived environments by providing free education. Click here for an example of a storytelling workshop – Class 2 at the Zoo]

[Developing and conducting educational workshops at the Institute and International School Savremena and creating video tutorials and video-based training for using digital tools in Education. Click here for an example workshop – Harry Potter escape room – Building Literacy and STEM skills]

Teaching in 2020 requires new tools and skills from both sides, where the learning is student-centered, current, and where students are co-constructors of knowledge, while teachers are moderators and observers. To get closer to the digital natives (students born in the era of technological growth) the educators must develop various digital competences. To achieve that, the use of technology has to be demystified, and teachers have to be motivated to develop their eclectic digital skillset. The program focuses on automatizing certain processes of the educational system and avoiding burn-out by having time for what matters the most: teaching. Less is more, and one ring (digital tool) can rule them all. At the same time, all the technology in the world will never replace a teacher, and it can be ineffective, or even negative if not used meaningfully.

This course shows how can inspiring teachers integrate digital tools and various 21st-century skills such as creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and last but not least, digital literacy and digital citizenship of both students and teachers.

Click here to apply to join this training! If your institution has an active Erasmus+ grant, the training is free!



taught lessons on Preply and counting!

Student testimonials from students I've been teaching for more than 1 year

My first teacher. I wouldn't want someone else. She is preparing a personalized lesson plan. She really is an expert in the field. Her magnificent energy is always with you from the first lesson. I'm really lucky to have her as my teacher.
Alice perfectly helps me develop my spoken English. We discuss any topic, exchange opinions, even joke sometimes. She understands me with a half-word and always encourages me!
Alice is very great teacher. She teaches my daughter. My daughter is 8 years old. She likes lessons with Alice very much! Alice is patient, kind and great tutor! We are so glad to meet Alice. She is well professional at her work. My 8 yo Alex always enjoy to study with her and said it was so much fun. She is making sure that the students understand her. Lessons are interesting and the time passes quickly.
students completed the distance learning IELTS course created for B.Y.Mafit in 2019



[Organizing inclusive workshops to promote violence prevention and explaining children’s rights. Developing children’s motor and language skills. Working on inclusion and interactive communication. ]

Inclusive project in Smederevo – ”Svi plovimo istom rekom”

The project was realized under the auspices of Save the Children. The project was presented in the
Belgrade Center for Human Rights. The project consisted of organizing an inclusive
ballet show with a girl with down syndrome. She was supported by another project
leader who is also a ballerina. The project had a charity rock concert and all of the
money raised through the ballet show and through the concert was donated to the preschool.
The third part of the project consisted of raising awareness about the problems
children with difficulties face through local radio, newspapers, and workshops and last but not least, organizing an inclusive rugby practice so that the participants can work on developing their motor skills in a motivating environment. Click here for the project presentation.

[In August 2019, association KIBITZ KOLEKTIV participated in a project organized by our Swedish partners Föreningen Framtidståget from Stockholm, Sweden. This Youth exchange named “Learn 2 be intercool2ral” gathered 30 youngsters from 6 European countries: Austria, Serbia, Sweden, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Italy. The main aim of this project was to encourage diversity amongst young people, as well as promoting tolerance and peace in our society. The project was implemented from 28th of August till the 4th of September 2019. in Stockholm, Sweden. This project was co-financed by Erasmus plus program of the European Union. Click here to read the program reflection.]

[A workshop organizer and presenter for a current ImpactECO project ‘’Cool KidsFor Eco Beats’’ In this project, we are conducting workshops in elementary schools with a goal to connect children with their environment and develop their ecological awareness. Click here to see the topics of our workshops.]

[A session facilitator for The Granny Cloud volunteer organization which aims to develop language and 21 st century skills in deprived children in India. Facilitator’s obligations are: stimulating children’s curiosity, exposing them to people and worlds beyond their context, fostering independent thinking, improving English conversation, improving literacy skills, familiarizing with the internet, developing search skills, strengthening social skills, encouraging collaboration with peers and developing habits for lifelong learning. Click here to visit the website of the Granny Cloud.]

Peek into my online and offline classroom and scroll through the image gallery

An example of a fully interactive lesson material, which can be used both in the online and the regular classroom

National Geographic Certified Educator project summary video – Project ‘Perils of plastic’

Preply public webinar-based lesson for kids – 100+ kids present: Let’s talk routines (ages 8-10)

2019 – ELTA SIG day Conference: Game On! Engaging Young Learners – Workshop: Learning English Through Music and Movement

2019 –Digital Learning Day in Miami – Blended Learning Practical Applications workshop

2019 – International conference – EdmodoCon 2019 Miami – From Blended to Distance Learning: Engaging Large Student Groups Online

2019 – International conference – Professional Competencies for Teaching in the 21st Century conference at the Faculty of Education in Jagodina, University of Kragujevac
Research presented: Developing 21st Century Skills Through Theme-Based Instruction and by Applying Multiple Intelligence Theory: Teacher Competencies

2019 – Webinar – Teaching Young Learners English Following the CLIL Methodology and Developing 21st Century Skills

2020 – International School Savremena in Belgrade– 4-hour workshop – Harry Potter Escape Room – Development of Literacy skills, STEAM and various 21st-century skills in students

2020 – International Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece – TESOL conference – ELT Reimagined – Using Drama in the ESL/EFL classroom – Official ELTA representative

2020 – Asynchronous training for the Institute of Contemporary Education – Practical use of in the distance learning instruction

2020 – Introduction to Teaching Young Learners – Preply –

2020 – Distance Learning in 10 steps webinar (Učenje na daljinu u 10 koraka) – ELTA Serbia –

2020 – Content creation tools (Canva and and lesson interactivity webinar – ELTA Serbia

2020 – Formative Assessment and Edmodo webinar – ELTA Serbia

2020 – Flip your Classroom to Promote Communication and Collaboration webinar – ELTA Serbia

2020 – ELTA conference: Fantastic Journey – Destination Digital Classroom. Lecture titled: Digital Competencies of Educators Needed for Distance Learning – Professional Development

2020 – FlipTech Conference 2020. Interactive Q and A session titled: Flipping the Professional Development

An example of a training presentation, along with training steps and tasks – Edmodo & Formative Assessment Webinar, ELTA Serbia

Educator testimonials from the Distance Learning in 10 Steps training, ELTA Serbia

From Blended to Distance Learning – Presentation recording, EdmodoCon University of Miami, 2019

Published papers

Developing 21st Century Skills Through Theme-Based Instruction and by Applying Multiple Intelligence Theory: Teacher Competencies

Published in УЗДАНИЦА; 2019, XVI/2; стр. 235–251, December 2019

The paper was presented at Professional Competences for Teaching in the 21st Century conference at the Faculty of Education in Jagodina, University of Kragujevac.

A selection of my favorite professional development courses/webinars

  • National Geographic Certified Educator Course
  • Teaching Global Climate Change in Your Classroom
  • Geo-inquiry Process in Your Classroom
  • Teaching Grammar Communicatively
  • Teaching Young Learners English
  • Empower Every Student With an Inclusive Classroom
  • Teaching Assistant Course Certification
  • What Children’s Perspectives Tell us About Inclusion
  • Attachment in the Early Years
  • Games for skill-building
  • Apps for the classroom and self-study
  • Optimizing classroom time
  • Differentiation for language and special needs
  • Formative assessments
  • How to encourage risk-taking in the classroom
  • Understanding Child Protection
  • Understanding Special Needs
  • Engaging With Reading – skills development
  • Active listening – skills development
  • Assessment and Intervention – Autism and Anxiety
  • Inspiring STEM Learning for Young Girls: Tips from Research and the Classroom
  • Connecting Young Children and Nature: How to Educate and Enchant
  • Supporting Young Children’s Emerging Math Skills with Developmentally Appropriate Music Activities
  • The Flipped Classroom – The Role of TED and Technology Can Play to Get Students Speaking
  • Nurturing Reading Success in Young Learners of English
  • 21st Century Skills in Young Learners
  • The Value of Gamification for Language Learning
  • Immersive Games and English Language Learning
  • Bilingual Learners, Bilingual Brains: Language Acquisition Patterns in Different Types of Learners

Cambridge University Press – Collaborative Learning and Project Work

Oxford University Press – Enquiry-based learning in the Primary Classroom

British Council – Developing cross-cultural awareness in the monolingual classroom

National Geographic Certified Educator Ambassador

Edmodo Certified Trainer

Member of the following organizations

ELTA Serbia – English Language Teacher Association

IATEFL – International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

ImpactEco – Environmental NGO

Kutak za kulturu, Novi Sad – Culture corner

Languages spoken

Native 100%
Native-like 89%
Lower intermediate 50%

Contact me if you need a:

Curriculum and material designer for:

  • Young learners – CLIL & Theme-Based Instruction;
  • Teenage learners – contextualized & communicative methods with a lot of digital tools;
  • Adult learners – specializing in exam preparation – IELTS.

Specialized on designing courses on Canvas Instructure LMS.

Help with designing classroom flow on Edmodo, Class Dojo, Google Classroom, and plenty of other social-media based LMS platforms.

Available for any kind of professional development connected to early childhood education & English language teaching (along with the use of digital tools in the classroom.)

Collaborating on official, large-scale projects or individual classroom collaboration online.

Take a look at the blog topics on my website and my featured articles on British Council Teaching English to see what topics I might be interested in.

Available for collaboration on research connected to:

  • Environmental education;
  • Teaching English to young learners;
  • Applying digital tools in the educational context (all ages).

I am not available for full time teaching positions at the moment (online and in the regular classroom). 

Please do not send requests if you are a recruiter for an online teaching company.

You can contact me via email through the contact form below, or write directly to my Facebook page through the purple messenger button in the bottom right corner.

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