Start 2022 with fresh ideas and gamify your classroom!

Would you like to use only one tool for all your content creation in the classroom? If the answer is YES, is the right tool for you, and welcome to the Gamification Masterclass!

genially masterclass

How can you enrich your classroom with offers such a high level of interactivity you cannot achieve with literally any digital tool at the moment.

High interactivity in the teaching material leads to improved interactivity in the class beyond the screen.

Possibility of student and teacher collaboration.

Still not sure if you want to join the Gamification Masterclass? 37$ seems too expensive?

Explore the section below, which explains all of the things that the masterclass contains + take a peek into one of the masterclass materials.​

What does the Gamification Masterclass contain?

6-hour long live workshop

6 hour long live workshop divided into 3 days

LIFETIME access the recordings of the workshop and the full course.

Develop your own designs

A chance to develop your own creative tasks in various forms (you can select if you want to develop an escape room, virtual classroom wall, or anything else for your classroom).

Discussion panels

Discussion panels (open even after the masterclass is over).


Peer feedback of your work & designs (the other participants of the course will evaluate your work following a given rubric).

Course facilitator feedback

Course facilitator feedback of your work & designs (the masterclass facilitator will evaluate your work and help you improve it).

Course facilitator feedback

A certificate you can proudly showcase in your CV, and a digital badge for your social media accounts.

Explore an interactive board game I made in You will be able to make one too!

How can you join?

Everything is done in one place, and there is no need to install any video conference apps! When you pay for the masterclass, you will be added to the course platform 1 day before the event. The live sessions are conducted on the platform, and you will also be able to participate in the discussion panels, and submit your work there! The platform is currently being redesigned, so we cannot add you at the same time of purchase.

The masterclass is limited to 30 participants!

Hurry up and join tonight, because the enrollment will be over as soon as we reach 30 participants! The group is small so that we can ensure quality collaboration and evaluation of your designs at the end of the masterclass.

When is the masterclass and how long is it?

6 hours long - 2 hours every Saturday, starting on the 15th of April, 2022!

Educator testimonials from the previous cohorts


I really enjoyed being in this master class. I felt that it really challenge me. The masterclass helped me learn a lot in fact more than what I expected so I'm satisfied and grateful for having this opportunity. Milica, thank you so much for all your help. I know I couldn't have done it without you inspiring, encouraging me. You are an incredible teacher, and I hope to learn from you again in the future! Clear, highly informative, and fun masterclass! Thank you!

Slađana Tatarski

Preschool teacher

The Masterclass was a fantastic and exciting exploration of a tremendously interesting tool for creating teaching materials and so much more. It takes a little bit of patience to get to know and understand all the possibilities of sometimes seem to be endless). There are a lot of templates, resources a couple of clicks away, so after a while you manage to make slides which hide surprises that pop-up if you activate a button, pack cleverly additional information that make your progress through a presentation or a game you have created, more engaging. A variety of available animation contributes to an overall rich impression of your content. And the last, but not the least thing to bear in mind... there is always Milica/Alice from her magical Methodologyland to explain, support, provide explanation and encouragement. Her tremendous energy and optimism help you go through rare moments of "I can't do this" because requires a little time to master it, but the feeling of satisfaction you experience when you finally make it, is worth the effort.

Tijana Nešić-Ristić

English teacher, teacher trainer


This masterclass has been one of the most pleasant experiences I have had in the digital environment. As a trainer, Milica knows how to approach people with various digital competencies, so that everyone gets the most of this virtual world. Patient, caring and creative, she makes you feel as if you reached the top of the mountain after every single step you take.

Jana Živanović

Language Teacher, Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, Serbia

Thanks endlessly for all your knowledge shared with us, Alice. Clear, highly informative and fun masterclass!

Dragana Frtunić

English teacher


Thank you so much for this course! I am a teacher and a teacher trainer, and although I had tried figuring out Genially on my own, this course was exactly what I needed. What I like most about the course is that the instructor, Milica, explained all the basic features without making it too basic for people who have already used Genially before. This is a great course for multi-level users of Genially. I also liked that Milica shared her designs with us-this gave me a clearer idea of how much you can do in Genially. I realized that it is not just another app-with adequate instructional design techniques, possibilities are endless. Now I am able to create very simple's as well as fully-functional board games and longer Geniallys for autonomous work. After taking the course with Milica, I was able to apply what I have learned in tertiary education and in teacher training for primary and secondary education. Without taking this course, I wouldn’t have been able to deliver some of my training sessions so effectively. Milica is indeed a ambassador and I would definitely take another course with MIlica. I look forward to any similar offers in the future.

Jovana Zivković

Language Teacher, Department of Languages and Culture Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia

When I enrolled this Masterclass I was already familiar with, and it was again in one of Milica's webinars that I first heard about it and made first steps in creating in it. Even then, I was really amazed at what one could do in it and I got really hooked on - I spent hours exploring it, getting ideas, creating first some simple genial.lies and then adding more and more details to them and improving them. And yet, when I entered this Masterclass of hers there were still many things to be improved in my designs and there were still many new things to be learned about, and this never stops to amaze me about I quickly ran through the material before I started to write this and I ran to some new information even now! That's the best part about this Masterclass-you get a lifetime access to the material from this course and you can revise it and quickly find the information you need whenever you decide to make something in Once you get introduced to you won't stop using it-it is the most superior tool I know because it allows you to combine everything you imagine about a lesson, a theme, a field or even wider in one place whether you decide to create directly in or embed or link all sorts of other tools and media. And there are numerous ways you can make your ideas functional in, there are great templates you can choose from, and it is constantly being updated and improved! And last but not least, about the teacher-Milica's energy and enthusiasm are unbelievable! She constantly provides you with the feedback during the course, she constantly encourages you to improve, answers patiently all additional questions you have and she always presents with such a confidence and clarity, always smiling and projecting positive energy that I feel really lucky to have had a chance to learn from her. Thank you, Milica, for all the chances!

Marija Đenadić-Torbica

English teacher, EdTech enthusiast


Apply for the masterclass: See you on the 15th of April!

It's time to start your interactive journey and become a classroom designer!
You will receive an email confirmation after you pay and you will be added to the platform in April, when the enrolment closes.

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