Do you need help setting up your learning management system (LMS)? πŸ’­

Many teachers get discouraged during this first step and they have great difficulties, while some never establish their distance learning process effectively.

Distance learning doesn’t have to be a nightmare – sometimes even educators need mentors and that is perfectly fine. You’d be surprised how simple distance learning can be once you grasp the basics and learn how to use your learning management system of choice.

What makes me an expert, you may wonder?πŸ₯‡

I’ve been involved with distance learning for the past 7 years, and during this time I learned a lot about distance learning, digital tools, and ICT in education in general. Since many teachers have been forced to teach online quickly, I held a lot of distance learning-related trainings in 2020.

Take a look at my LMS portfolio below to see all of the things I’ve done when it comes to distance learning in the past 7 years.

I have developed a full IELTS platform, with all 4 language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing), and prepared more than 1900 students for their IELTS exam in a year❗❗❗

I also integrated a live video conference tool so that all my IELTS lectures can happen inside of the platform.

I have also developed a full AP Psychology course & a professional development course for educators, which was part of my Master thesis. Click HERE to watch the participant tutorial for my professional development course on Canvas.

When it comes to Edmodo, I have developed over 30 student portfolios and a whole online classroom for my students from different countries.

I held official online trainings for the English Language Teachers’ Association in Serbia using Edmodo, with over 200 teachers present.

I am also an Edmodo ambassador, an Edmodo certified trainer, and I’ve passed a rigorous training given by Edmodo in order to become an ECT.

I have developed multiple Moodle websites from SCRATCH, including hosting it, installing it to a server, adding all necessary plugins and customizing it.

I am currently working on a website for the English Language Teachers’ Association in Serbia (click HERE to see an unfinished demo), where I developed and set up a course-based website, which will also be used for a live online conference with multiple live videos going on at the same time.

If you need help with setting up your Moodle courses, I can help!

I created dozens of classrooms on Class Dojo over the years for young learners, and I’ve used it in both formal (school setting) and informal (my storytelling projects) education.

I used Class Dojo both in distance and face to face classrooms successfully, and I can show you the secrets of Class Dojo you won’t find in any tutorials!

I am also a Class Dojo school leader and a Class Dojo teacher of 2020.

Watch my conference presentation on EdmodoCon from 2019, held at the University of Miami to see...

… how I single handedly developed a full IELTS platform on Canvas Instructure and became a head of language studies in an IELTS center in Nigeria.

I was invited to present my methods at EdmodoCon, held at the University of Miami, and explain how I manage to engage a large group of students in an online course.

students completed the distance learning IELTS course created for B.Y.Mafit in 2019

Setting up a Classroom or Teacher Training on an LMS- Edmodo & Class Dojo - Featured article of the week on British Council Teaching English

Read the article and find out why British Council considers it worthy to feature my article about LMS!

Take a look at some screenshots from my LMS classrooms & courses!

Click on the white dots below to see more screenshots. This is just a small visual representations, the actual classrooms and courses have much more content.

πŸ“ŒWhy is an LMS a crucial step in the distance learning process?

Learning management systems allow you to keep everything in one place and organize easily.

Here are some functions that almost every LMS possesses:

  1. Integrated messaging function for both students and parents so that you do not have to use Viber or a similar app to communicate outside of a live lesson.
  2. The assessment is conducted on the platform.
  3. The live lessons can be (in some LMS’s) conducted on the platform.
  4. Storage space or a backpack where you can store all of your lesson materials.
  5. Taking attendance & rewarding your students with badges.
  6. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, an unlimited number of courses or classrooms you can create on one teacher account!

πŸ‘‰ Take a look at my LMS setup packages below and book your live session today!

P.S. The price for Canvas Instructure & Moodle is higher because those platforms are more complex.

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