Zombieland Lapbook Template

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Have fun with this Zombie lapbook template and make a lapbook about Halloween told by a Zombie!


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Low-Waste Zombieland Lapbook – Halloween Writing and Storytelling

3 reviews for Zombieland Lapbook Template

  1. Nevena Markovic

    Excellent, yet simple to make!

    • Alice Glass (verified owner)

      Thank you! Have fun with your lapbook!

  2. Cristina (verified owner)

    The download is complete with all parts but it would have been nice to have a finished project picture to be able to see the end result. It’s hard for me to imagine how to put all the pieces together. Have you got a finished project to see what it looks like done? Thanks

    • Alice Glass (verified owner)

      Thank you for your great suggestion! 🙂
      However, we haven’t used the lap book in our classroom yet, so I cannot upload the pictures of the finished product.
      If you do it before me, I would gladly share your photos!
      We will probably do the project in the end of the month to revise the content.

  3. Jenna (verified owner)

    Great idea to make a Zombieland story with the lapbook!
    I can’t wait to do it with my children.

    • Alice Glass (verified owner)

      Let me know how did the finished product look like!

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