Our book author for children happens every month and each month we will have a live online author session to guide you through their book as a teacher and also a free online storytelling book session for children.

Irina Skibenko

About the author

Irina Skibenko is an English teacher for children from Ukraine, with over 17 years of teaching experience.

She is the founder of Smart Story Club website, focusing on helping children develop their writing skills through online courses.

Irina is a book author for children with 3 published books under her belt.

Irina Skibenko

Irina's books and her author origin story

The workshop will share the concept of COOP gaming, how to install, use, and play real video games in the classroom (video games made for the non-education audiences), where to get free video games every month, and how to use video games in 1 on 1 and group gaming sessions to learn English, and develop the 4C’s of 21st-century skills.

You will need to install Roblox and make an account for this session in order to participate! This is one of the multiple games you will be able to experience in the workshop, but you need to install only this one.

If you are an independent book author for children, get in touch with us if you want to be a part of our monthly feature and host a free online author session with children.