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Irina Skibenko, ESL teacher and author for children

About the author

Irina Skibenko is an English teacher for children from Ukraine with over 17 years of teaching experience.

She is the founder of Smart Story Club website, focusing on helping children develop their writing skills through online courses.

Irina is a book author for children with three published books under her belt.

Irina Skibenko

What do we think about Irina's books?

Irina’s books are a beautiful window into other countries in the form of a chapter book. She shares her own life adventures in the series of books about Nina, an 11-year-old girl, and her daschund for preteens. When you start reading, you are immediately hooked by a great first sentence that opens so many intriguing questions!

Nina rushed into the car with a happy smile.
“I won, and now you’re going with us,” she whispered into Eve’s ear.

The chapters are short and easy to follow for the little ones, and we appreciated a nice, readable font. Each chapter also had a question or a discussion point cleverly added to the text. There is an abundance of new phrases young readers can learn. Her stories have twists, revealing headlines, and exciting new adventures.

When it comes to her illustrations, we can all agree that her illustrators, Tatiana, Gabriella, and Nadhezda, did a brilliant job. Her illustrations are a mix of watercolors and a modern design, and it’s a very nice change in the vast sea of vector-designed illustrations in books for children. Last but not least, we were so happy to learn that the whole editing, publishing, and designing team Irina organized is made up of women – especially because Irina’s team all came from her country, and she supported small local designers. We applaud the ethical standard behind the production of the book as well!

from Irina

Listen to Irina doing a storytelling session for her book

Explore Irina's books below

Nina and Eve at Schonbrunn Palace

In this book Nina and Eve travel to Vienna, Austria. One evening while the parents are in the theatre, Nina and Eve go jogging to Schonbrunn Palace park and get stuck. The gate is locked. What will they do? How will they find the exit?

You can listen to an audio samble below:

Nina and Eve in the Middle of the Indian Ocean

This time Nina and Eve fly to an exotic French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean. They visit many amazing places, such as a Vanilla Garden, the volcano Piton de la Fournaise, go to a swimming pool party, rescue a puppy, etc.

You can listen to an audio samble below:

Nina and Eve - First Trip to the Sea

Nina travels to the seacoast with her dachshund Eve for the first time. When Nina and her parents let Eve run around, she starts to chase a seagull in the open sea. Eve jumps and starts to swim after the bird…

You can listen to an audio samble below:

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