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Curriculum and material designer for:

  • Young learners – CLIL & Theme-Based Instruction;
  • Teenage learners – contextualized & communicative methods with a lot of digital tools.

Specialized on designing courses on Canvas Instructure LMS.

Help with designing classroom flow on Edmodo, Class Dojo, Google Classroom, and plenty of other social-media based LMS platforms.

Available for any kind of professional development connected to early childhood education & English language teaching (along with the use of digital tools in the classroom.)

Collaborating on official, large-scale projects or individual classroom collaboration online.

Available for collaboration on research connected to:

  • Environmental education;
  • Teaching English to young learners;
  • Applying digital tools in the educational context (all ages).

I am not available for full time teaching positions at the moment (online and in the regular classroom).Β 

Please do not send requests if you are a recruiter for an online teaching company.

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