Guest posting guidelines

  1. Maintain a semi-academic style of writing (where needed, depending on the article).
  2. Feel free to be friendly and use the first person while writing – your opinion and personality matter the most (where needed, depending on the article).
  3. Start the introduction by posing a problem or describing a situation to intrigue the readers and tell them how can this article help them in the classroom.
  4. Separate paragraphs with a subheading (subheadings should tell the reader what the paragraph is about).
  5. Add activity examples for everything you can.
  6. If possible provide photos of your own whenever you can, we can edit them to blur children’s faces. We want to be authentic and show what activities in real classrooms look like.
  7. Add screenshots from the online classroom/training/digital tool.
  8. Paragraphs should not have more than 300 words for SEO and reading clarity reasons.
  9. Sentences should have no more than 20 words for SEO and reading clarity reasons.
  10. Don’t use too much passive voice for SEO and clarity reasons.
  11. Bullets and numbering are very welcome.
  12. References and/or further reading materials are very welcome and depending on the topic, mandatory.
  13. Finish off with a short conclusion and make sure to include a question for the readers where you will ask them what they think and invite them to share their opinion.

Some of our writing projects

General TEFL

Article author

Doing 1 general TEFL article per month, or doing a few articles whenever you have time - we are flexible!

TEYL theory

Article author

Doing 1 TEYL theory article per month, or doing a few articles whenever you have time - we are flexible!

Research briefs

Article author

Doing 1 research brief per month, or doing a few articles whenever you have time - we are flexible!

Submit your article pitch below

We care about every single teacher out there and we promise to respond to every pitch as soon as we can. We accept free article submissions only from educators, including students enrolled in universities related to teaching because we want to welcome all young colleagues. We hope to be able to pay you for your submissions as we grow in the future, but for now, we cannot do that.

Every accepted submission will get do-follow backlinks to their website, and their social media. This means that you can have SEO benefits (your website can rank a bit better) by submitting an article on our website as an individual educator. You retain the copyright so you can repost your article in another place after 6 months have passed. In this case, you need to inform us, link us and write -originally published on Alice in Methodologyland- to signalize to Google that the content is not scrapped, but re-published with permission. We will also promote your submission all over our social media and tag you whenever we can. 

If you are a company or organization looking to promote your educational services, please explore our advertisement page where you can see what can we do for you. We accept free submissions only from passionate, professional educators.

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