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Our free online workshops happen at the end of every month, and each month we will have a practitioner who will guide you through their classroom and show you practical and innovative ideas for teaching young and very young learners English.

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Interactive Digital Material Design in Genial.ly for Beginners

About the presenter

Marija Djenadić Torbica graduated from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology, English Language and Literature.
She has been working as an English teacher in a primary school teaching all primary grade students.
Being a G Suite for Education administrator for her school and keeping the online platform running smoothly, she continuously conducts teacher training courses to help her colleagues deal with the platform and online apps and tools.
She is a great EdTech enthusiast in love with Genial.ly and has been using it for years now for various purposes- interactive presentations in class, her own course books with other apps embedded in them, digital exercises, web quests and games for homework, digital memories for students and parents, presentations of school projects and many more.

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Workshop abstract

In this workshop for Genial.ly beginners, you will be introduced to the User Interface, its templates, and designs. You will learn how to work with text, images, audio, and video materials and how to make them interactive. You will be guided through these first steps which will, hopefully, encourage you to start using Genial.ly and trigger your own ideas in this never-ending possibilities tool.
You will need to make an account for this session in Genial.ly in order to participate!

You will need to make an account for this session in Genial.ly in order to participate! This is one of the multiple games you will be able to experience in the workshop, but you need to install only this one.

Time and date: 21st August 2022, 15:00 GMT+2


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Testimonials from our previous teacher trainings


I really enjoyed being in this master class. I felt that it really challenge me. The masterclass helped me learn a lot in fact more than what I expected so I'm satisfied and grateful for having this opportunity.

Slađana Tatarski, preschool teacher, Serbia

Thank you so much for this course! I am a teacher and a teacher trainer, and although I had tried figuring out digital tools on my own, this course was exactly what I needed.

Associate professor, Colombia


5 Reasons to attend our free workshops


We do workshops, not webinars

We won’t host a lecture – we will share our passion and experience, while also taking the audience in account, so our workshops include from 15 do 20 minutes of discussion with participants.


Bite-sized theoretical concepts

If any teaching theory is included, it will be practically explained and demonstrated through relatable classroom activities.


Practical activities you can apply immediately

No-brainer activities that are straight to the point – activities that you can immediately apply in your classroom.


Real classroom practicioners

This means that all of our presenters will be real classroom practitioners – there will be no coordinators or admins that have never set foot in the classroom. 


Free certificates will be issued at the end of the workshop

A free certificate will be issued during the workshop. To get it you need to answer a reflection question, and it will be only shared live, not after the workshop.

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