Our free online webinars for teachers are so interactive we can’t help but call them workshops!

Our free online workshops happen at the end of every month, and each month we will have a practitioner who will guide you through their classroom and show you practical and innovative ideas for teaching young and very young learners English.

If you are tired of lecture-based webinars join our free online workshops for teachers!

(Very) Young Learners & Game-based Online ESL Teaching With Koala

About the presenters

Xavier Lesage Moretti is the co-founder & CEO of Koala.
He has a Masters Degree in Electromagnetism and Wireless Communication from the Supelec School of Engineering in France. Xavier worked at Apple and other technology companies before launching Koala in 2018 with his co-founder Benjamin Roux.
Xavier also teaches French every week to a 9 year old online using Koala.

Benjamin Roux is the son of 2 teachers, his mother is an English teacher in France and his father trains teenagers with a development and learning disabilities and difficulties to get a job. Ben has been teaching programming and math for a decade while being a software engineer. He co-founded Koala in 2018 to serve teachers and build a world where they can be financially successful. Ben is still actively teaching math every week.

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Workshop abstract

This interview and demo-based workshop will show you how to level up your online teaching with the help of Koala. In Koala, you get many integrated interactive options from a dice, to a reward system, points, payment system, building system, the ability to write and edit notes, share and use browsers where students can touch your screen, and so, so, SO much more, including a full building gaming system!

Koala was accepted into the Y Combinator accelerator in 2022 which incubated Stripe, Coinbase, AirBnB and Outschool. And Koala was voted best virtual Classroom in 2022 by Edtech Impact.

Who can show you a tool better than its passionate creators? Join us to see the live demos and hear many interesting activities that will outshine Zoom once and for all!

Time and date: 3rd November 2022, 18:00 GMT+2

Previous workshops

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Testimonials from our previous teacher trainings


I really enjoyed being in this master class. I felt that it really challenge me. The masterclass helped me learn a lot in fact more than what I expected so I'm satisfied and grateful for having this opportunity.

Slađana Tatarski, preschool teacher, Serbia

Thank you so much for this course! I am a teacher and a teacher trainer, and although I had tried figuring out digital tools on my own, this course was exactly what I needed.

Associate professor, Colombia


5 Reasons to attend our free workshops


We do workshops, not webinars

We won’t host a lecture – we will share our passion and experience, while also taking the audience in account, so our workshops include from 15 do 20 minutes of discussion with participants.


Bite-sized theoretical concepts

If any teaching theory is included, it will be practically explained and demonstrated through relatable classroom activities.


Practical activities you can apply immediately

No-brainer activities that are straight to the point – activities that you can immediately apply in your classroom.


Real classroom practicioners

This means that all of our presenters will be real classroom practitioners – there will be no coordinators or admins that have never set foot in the classroom. 


Free certificates will be issued at the end of the workshop

A free certificate will be issued during the workshop. To get it you need to answer a reflection question, and it will be only shared live, not after the workshop.

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