Our team is made of amazing educators, and we are proud to have each collaborator with us. We are not a faceless mass, but a group of passionate educators who want to share their bits and pieces of wisdom and experience with the world. Want to get to know us? Explore our short bios below. 

aliceinmetholodyland.com nonprofit collaborators Milica Vukadin (1)

Milica Alice Vukadin

Founder, web designer, social media and events manager, SEO editing

A preschool teacher and an ESL teacher for very young learners. Loves material design, storytelling, and environmental education.

aliceinmethodologyland.com nonprofit collaborators Kristina Grujic

Kristina Grujić

Software developer, code fixer-upper

Software engineer, working as a frontend developer.  There’s no bug Kristina can’t fix. Loves learning Japanese and English.

aliceinmetholodyland.com nonprofit collaborators Milos Vukadin

Miloš Vukadin

Audio (podcast) and video editor (courses)

Audio-video editing expert. Plays the guitar, keyboards, accordion, and composes music. Loves fixing computer hardware.

aliceinmethodologyland.com nonprofit collaborators Nevena Markovic

Nevena Marković

Hosting provider, system administrator

System administrator, owner of a hosting company, Servikus. Has a background in Primary School Education and a passion for IT.

aliceinmetholodyland.com nonprofit collaborators Marija Panic

Marija Panić

The boss on how to run a nonprofit

A nonprofit manager with a background in the English language and 10+ years of experience. Skilled in content design for social media.

teacher led nonprofit aliceinmethodologyland.com

Laura Hitchcock

ESL teacher for the free workshops for kids

A bilingual ESL teacher who loves teaching children. She speaks Mandarin and is an expert in teaching phonics to the little ones.

aliceinmetholodyland.com nonprofit collaborators owain

Owain Llewelyn

Green teacher: Sustainable lesson plans

A teacher dedicated to adding sustainable twists into his everyday ESL curriculum through his own lesson plans. Founder of Eltsustainable.

aliceinmethodologyland.com nonprofit collaborators Harry Waters (1)

Harry Waters

Green teacher: Sustainable teacher training

A teacher enthusiastic about promoting the green aspects of life even outside of the classroom. Founder of Renewableenglish.

aliceinmetholodyland.com nonprofit collaborators bhavna gupta

Bhavna Gupta

Trainer in the teacher mentorship program

English teacher with 20+ years of experience, passionate about bringing global problems to the classroom. Founder of Learning Sutra.

aliceinmetholodyland.com nonprofit collaborators

Marija Đenadić Torbica

Distance learning and digital tools teacher trainer, distance learning content writer. 

+ESL teacher with a passion for using digital tools and ICT. Marija recently joined our Distance learning toolkit project, where we review digital tools, write pros, cons, activities + record tutorials.

ESL materials, teacher training sessions, storytelling for children (1)

Vera Vukojević

Nonprofit accountant and accounting adviser

Our accountant has more than 30 years of experience below her belt, is a dedicated grandma with a passion for helping those who need it.


Tijana Nešić-Ristić

Article editor and teacher trainer

Experienced English teacher, with a knack for grammar and editing. Passionate teacher trainer that wants to learn more things, and develop ever after 20 years of teaching!

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