Advertising with Alice in Methodologyland

Advertising guidelines

To start off, we want to highlight that we are not here to sell anything but to educate for free, and this is why we will only agree to collaborate if our values match the values of the company/organization you are representing. The funds from any advertisement will solely go to financing some of the projects we are doing for free, so we can keep doing them for free.

As a nonprofit, we adhere to very strict ethical standards and we will not promote your service/product/digital tool if:

  1. We deem the service/product to be too expensive for an educator;
  2. The service/digital tool does not have an effective free version – not only a free trial but a free version that can be used all the time;
  3. The service/product/digital tool cannot be used in the classroom with children aged 3-12 years old;
  4. The service/product/digital tool is not transparent and ethical. Before accepting any sponsored content, we will have to have an interview with the company representative and also do our own research when it comes to users’ experiences. 

We will never promote anything we don’t fully believe in, and the spaces for our sponsored content are very limited.

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