FREE Panel: Level Up Learning: Games in the ESL Classroom Panel with Bridge Education

Whether teaching online or in-person, there are many benefits of integrating games and activities in the ESL classroom. Our panel of ELT experts will discuss strategies to maximize those benefits. Games are known to increase engagement in both children and adults, but there are many other benefits to consider. From introducing new concepts and reinforcing old ones to building 21st-century skills, the possibilities are endless. Join us to add new game ideas to your teacher toolkit and explore the full potential of integrating games and activities into ESL instruction.   

Xavier Lesage Moretti

Xavier Lesage Moretti is the founder & CEO of Koala, a Y Combinator startup, winner of the Edtech Impact Best Virtual Classroom and several awards. The mission of Koala is to make teachers financially successful so they can, one day, buy a house doing what they love.

Milica Alice Vukadin

Milica Alice Vukadin is a preschool teacher and an ESL teacher for young and very young learners. She has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, with a specialization in TEYL. Milica is the founder of the teacher nonprofit Alice in Methodologyland and an online CLIL school of English for children, ELLoquent, where she teaches children from all over the world through a highly interactive and gamified curriculum. She has been teaching online since 2016. She is a teacher trainer, and curriculum and materials designer. Her special interests are online teaching, game-based learning, gamification, CLIL, and storytelling.

Shelynn Riel

Shélynn Riel is Bridge’s Expert Series Moderator and regularly contributes articles and ELT news reports to the BridgeUniverse blog. She has served as an English language instructor for over a decade, a program coordinator in both university and community-based programs, and an English Language Fellow with the U.S. Department of State. Her interests include holistic teacher development, learner identity, and decolonial ethics in the language classroom. She is the co-creator of The Teacher Think-Aloud Podcast, which focuses on reflective practices for teachers around the world.

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