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Outdoor Learning 101: Taking your Young Learners on a Journey – INTERACTIVE OUTDOOR TEACHER TRAINING

Hello, my dear educators! Have you ever taken your young learners outside? Are you ready for some outdoor learning teacher training? Does outdoor learning frighten you and make you feel like it would never work in your classroom? If the answers to these questions are YES, then you are in the right place! Abstract In …

Climate Change Causes and Effects: Drawing a Scientific Model with Young Learners

In the last few years my perspective on environmental education changed greatly – before starting, I was focused on pollution and spreading awareness. Now, when it comes to climate change, my main focus shifted to deforestation as a cause for many other effects related to climate change. Scientific modeling helped me organize my thoughts and … How to ‘Green’ your Language Lessons Webinar with ELTsustainable

How to ‘Green’ your Language Lessons Webinar with ELTsustainable

Hi, everyone! Last week I had the amazing opportunity to unlock a new website, a redesign of! I also co-presented with Owain and Ben from ELTsustainable and investigated how can we green up our language lessons. A snippet from the webinar Join Milica, Owain, and Ben to investigate ways to green your lessons from … Renewable Energy Resources CLIL Unit (3 lessons + 1 project, 10+ activities)

Renewable Energy Resources CLIL Unit (3 lessons + 1 project, 10+ activities)

Hi, my dear colleagues! I’ve shared a huge renewable energy resources CLIL unit for teenagers and advanced young learners on my free materials website, and it has 10+ activities! 👀 This material is suitable for teenagers and intermediate or advanced young learners. It can be done online or face-to-face. 🌍 Renewable Energy Resources 1: Listening …

Engaging Young and Very Young Learners with Environmental Issues: British Council Teaching English Live

Hello, my dear colleagues! Have you ever tried to engage young learners with environmental issues? This post will summarize a presentation I held with Owain from ELT Sustainable on British Council Teaching English. The topic was Engaging your learners with environment issues and we presented 5 problems that occur in the classrooms and the practical …