Alice’s Teaching Tips of the Week – Formative Assessment Activities & Digital Tools

Hello, my dear colleagues!

Welcome to another post with teaching tips in the form of a picture! These tips are also posted both on my Facebook page and on Edmodo! 🎁

I believe we are all visual learners in a way and it takes only a minute to read text on an infographic and get new ideas for our classrooms!

P.S. These tips can fit both online and offline learning. 

P.P.S. If you want to share the photo on Facebook, or in any Facebook groups, here’s a link. Please do not download and upload the photo since it takes time to design these bite-sized tips.

Teaching tips from the previous week

Feel free to add your tips related to formative assessment in the comments!
Do you find tips in the form of a picture useful

Alice Glass

About Alice Glass

Alice is a 27 years old preschool teacher (Pre-K) with a B.Ed. She is currently enrolled in her Master studies, with a double major, one of them being English teaching methodology. She is also an online ESL teacher and blog writer for British Council. Last but not least, she is a mother of a very energetic toddler.

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