Harry Potter Escape Room Professional Development for Teachers – ROOM 2 – The Tale of Three Tasks

Hello, my dear colleagues! I will shortly go through the Harry Potter-themed escape room I’ve made for a professional development workshop in International School Savremena in Belgrade. This Harry Potter escape room is interdisciplinary, and it connects all school subjects, which can ultimately provide a very engaging assessment in multiple subjects.

Does an escape room belong in education? I would dare to say YES! Escape rooms are exciting, and they can test multiple 21st-century skills in students, not to mention the content knowledge and logical thinking skills. Escape rooms can serve as a group assessment or even as ice-breakers at the beginning of the year. They also provide an opportunity for teachers from various subjects to collaborate and connect their subjects!

Take a look at room 1 to see how did it look like:

Classroom setting: Crosswords sign on the wall, and the Marauder’s map steps on the floor. 1 smart board for the infographic in Genial.ly, 1 computer for the Google Sites and hints.

The Tale of Three Tasks

The activities in room two started with three tasks – 1 math task, 1 physics task, 1 history/literature.


The solution/numbers from the tasks were steps the participants needed to take, and the crosswords sign showed them if they have to go left, right, or straight. For example – Math task – solution 12. The first sign shows left – take 12 steps to the left. The riddle on the interactive infographic told them where to go.

A screenshot of the signpost:

Math task

How many ways can 3 students from different houses (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw) order in a line while waiting to enter the classroom?

Physics task

Hedwig is about to take a flight. She starts from rest on the ground, but after a single step, she is completely airborne. After 2s of horizontal flight, Hedwig reached a speed of 6m/s. Given that the mass of this snowy owl is 2kg calculate the net force to find out how many steps you need to take.

Literature task

Final solution: The direction depended on how we stuck the signpost on the wall.

When they got to the location, they saw a riddle pointing to a Cerberus figurine. The figurine had a QR code on the bottom.

Task riddle: Written on a piece of paper. The paper is placed on the place the map took them.

I have 3 heads, and all my heads are smart.

If you want to solve this, now you need to start.

Look around for a figurine,

It’ll be the best you’ve ever seen.

His name rhymes with MURDEROUS,

And that name is ____________!

After they answered correctly, I presented them with the Cerberus figurine as a reward.

When they scanned the QR code from the bottom, it led them to a video with the Cerberus scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.


When they solved the grammar/listening questions in the interactive video, they got the location of the Marauders Map at the end of the video and instructions to go to the next room.

Stay tuned for room 3 of the Harry Potter escape room workshop!

What do you think about using escape rooms in your classroom? Can they be used as an engaging assessment and as a way to promote collaboration between teachers? Please write in the comments or via the contact page. I would love to hear your opinion!

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