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Learning English through Music and Movement – Songs ARE NOT JUST A WARM-UP!

Why is music important? Is it useful just in the warm-up part of the lesson, or it can be the focus of our lesson? Keep reading to find out how I facilitated an engaging music workshop. Let’s see what is learning English through music all about! I’ve had the pleasure to facilitate a workshop on …

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Online English Teacher 101 – Steps for the First Lesson With a New Students

Are you one of those talented teachers who want to teach online but they haven’t had any luck? Are you a good English speaker, with a great methodology, but you are not very confident when it comes to the sales part of your lesson? If the answers to all questions above are yes, then keep …

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How to Successfully Conduct the First Lesson With Your New Online Student

The first lesson can be a nightmare for both teachers and students. There are many amazing teachers out there who want to transition to online teaching but they don’t know where to start. They are also not sure how to conduct that infamous first lesson. This post may help you outline your teaching plan and …

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Think Like a Teenager – 10 Methods to Motivate Teenage Learners

Teenagers can be notoriously difficult to motivate. Yes, that’s true. Instead of playing the blame-game and figuring out who is to blame for their lack of engagement, we should try to observe the world from their perspective. We were once teenagers, and we need to use that experience to engage and motivate our teenage learners. …

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21st Century Education with Geo-Inquiry

21st-century skills are not a new concept, although, at first glance, these skills sound otherworldly and virtually impossible to develop. Many teachers shiver at the very thought of implementing them in their classrooms. Let’s warm-up together and start using them daily with Geo-Inquiry and these easy steps! 21st century skills are a must in many …

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TEYL – Effective Lesson Planning and Activities

What makes an effective lesson plan? How can we achieve this dream-like thing our TEYL administrators call efficacy? Keep reading to find out! Effective lesson planning is the core of a successful thematic unit or any lesson in general. As we mentioned in the essay/post which reflected on the contextualized language learning in TEYL, the …

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Christmas Materials Advent Calendar Freebie!

What is the Christmas materials advent calendar, you may wonder? Christmas is the time of giving, so why not share some materials and make this holiday more easy for all of us?I will share 1 free Christmas-themed material (pdf, ppt, and interactives) every day until Christmas. For those of you who are not quite sure …

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Successful Differentiated Assessment Activities – Because One Size Does Not Fit All

Assessment represents a gray area for all teachers. We constantly fear that we haven’t fulfilled the learning objectives, and we ponder on the things we could have done differently. If we take a step back and think about it, we will conclude that we have to individualize the assessment and create a differentiated classroom. Many research …

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How National Geographic Certified Educator Course Changed my Perspective on the World and Teaching + Course Overview

Every educator has her/his own teaching style, and there are hardly two same teachers in the world. We do follow the same teaching methodology, but we also have a chance to develop our skills in other areas. In areas where we are free to pursue our ideals. Keep reading this post to see how can …

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A Thanksgiving Workshop With a Professor from the USA – Activities to Discover a New Holiday

Living in Europe, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, and we have another holiday on that day – Day of the Republic. On the other hand, since I teach English, interculturalism is very important in my curriculum, so I was happy to attend a Thanksgiving workshop Beth Wendt, a guest professor from the USA, held at my …