Ins and Outs of Being an English Teacher: The Drive Home with Harry Waters Podcast Recording

Hello, my dear colleagues! This will be a super short post! I want to share a podcast link from the Teacher Talk Radio when I was Harry’s guest! We discussed how we became teachers, how do I make my online and face-to-face classroom more sustainable, and how do I use storytelling to develop environmental literacy. We also mentioned many more teacher topics, so press the play button and start listening to our friendly rambling!

What is Harry’s podcast about?

Tune into “The Drive Home” with Harry Waters as he talks to different English Language Teachers across the globe about their journeys to becoming teachers, their passions, and what they do to grow in the profession. There is also a liberal sprinkling of sustainability in every episode.

Listen to the full podcast below

Further links

Harry’s website

Teacher Talk Radio

What do you think about our relaxed chat? What are some practical activities you use to make storytelling easy-peasy and focus on environmental education?

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