Travel Guides by Young Bloggers 1: Italy, London & Paris

Travel Guide School Project Example 2: Young Bloggers Visiting Singapore, Hong Kong, and Paris

Hello, my dear colleagues, students, and parents! Last week I was a guest in Shavy’s classroom (Shavy’s English Hut) and we had an amazing lesson where the students learned how to write a tour guide for their favorite city through discussion, exploration, and collaborative writing. They have written articles about their favorite places in pairs and the articles you will read below are completely unedited and shared as the students wrote them. Explore this article to see the free material you can use in your classroom and also see the travel guide school project example!

Download the full interactive unit here for FREE – Let’s Make a Travel Guide! Travel Phrases, Formal and Informal Guide Writing, Discussion, Essay Structure

Suitable for online and face-to-face classrooms.

Group work, but can be adapted for individual lessons.

In this lesson you will discuss/do/work on:

  1. Each city has its own life and history. What do you actually know about your favorite city?
  2. Let’s practice and then discuss – which words are formal and which are informal? Learn formal and informal phrases on Kahoot!
  3. What is some important information you need to know before visiting a city?
  4. Discover urban, natural, and historical places to visit.
  5. Discover the gastronomy of the city.
  6. What important places can you visit as a tourist?
  7. Make a mind map of all the vocabulary you plan to use in the travel guide!
  8. Make your own travel guide about your city in groups!
  9. What is the proper essay structure for a travel guide?
  10. What is peer-editing?
Travel Guide School Project Example 2: Young Bloggers Visiting Singapore, Hong Kong, and Paris

My platform is read by teachers and parents all over the world, so another aim of this project is to make all our little writers PUBLISHED BLOGGERS, and spark their joy for writing in the future.

Without further ado, here are the blog posts!

Travel Guide: School Project Example, Article 1

Singapore by Daksh Garg and Bhavya Jain

When you go to any place the most pivotal things that you require is your visa and Aadhar card and you ticket without these thing you won’t be able to travel abroad . The next most vital thing  is your travel insurance with it if you feel blue when you are travelling or when you reach your destination and fell that you should get admitted at that point of time you have to pay loads of bills at that time the travel insurance will pay instead of you . You should also learn the language of the place you are going to visit . Also check the weather of the and pack your bag.You also change the currency from the exchange money centre .

Combination of religion and buddhism Islam tourism and Hinduism dresses in Singapore and cheongsam
Baju Kurung Baju melayu streets are cleaned chewing gum are banned eating anything in taxis local trains and lift is not allowed in Singapore. Changi  Airport is the one of the airport with best place to have layover and a large amount of modern facility throwing litter in Singapore has in  banned we should avoid asking food fries before ordering .

Some tempting scrumpsciouse delecasies and cuzines that are created in Singapore is the black peppered crab and chilli crab you must try these hand licking recipies when you come to Singapore .
It is the paradise of food because it has the best restaurants in Asia too.

Some pre – eminent constructions of Singapore are Singapore are Mariana Bay Sands . It stands 207 meter long .One glance at this graceful building won’t let you look anywhere else. It is value of money .This edifice has 57 floors in it and 2651 rooms in it .You would have to pay rupees 55000 to
Enjoy the leisure of this hotel for one night

Travel Guide: Hong Kong by Sanvi Jain and Gursidak Singh

Travel Guide School Project Example 2: Young Bloggers Visiting Singapore, Hong Kong, and Paris
Travel Guide School Project Example 2: Young Bloggers Visiting Singapore, Hong Kong, and Paris

The transport system in honk Kong is really advanced and if you are about to use one it will be extremely expensive. Hong Kong comprises taxis, MTR (Mass Transit Railway), buses, minibuses, you can travel anywhere anytime in Hong Kong.

Fishball, Scrambled egg sandwich, ‘Pineapple’ bun and Hong Kong-style French toast are some of the mouth-watering dishes served in Hong Kong.

  1. Hong Kong Heritage Museum

2.   Hong Kong Space Museum

3.   Hong Kong Museum of History

4.   Tai Kwun, Centre for Heritage and Arts

5.   Hong Kong Science Museum

Some tourist sites

1.   Victoria peak

2.   Victoria harbor

3.   Disneyland

4.   Ocean park

5.   Tian Tan Budha


1.   Tin Lung Heen

2.   Arbor

3.   Man wah

4.   VEA restraunt

5.   Carbone Hong kong


Travel Guide: Los Angeles by Daksh Sharma and Aradhyaa Jain

Los Angeles is a city filled with picturesque places. We need a passport and a visa to travel to Los Angeles. It is always advised to have travel insurance handy. It can be useful to us in plethora of ways.  2 

  • If we fall ill while we are travelling somewhere, we can always take the help of the travel insurance to reduce the sum of our invoice. 

Los Angeles is a city where people speak an easy yet complex language which is English and Spanish. 

The weather in Los Angeles is as hard as jigsaw to understand as it changes momentarily  

The currency used here is US Dollars although the city is quite exorbitant yet the view is quite alluring.  

We can move around the city in vast buses or bicycles. Teenagers and kids probably use skateboards and skate scooters to move from place to place. 

From fluffy pancakes to juicy burgers we can find everything mouth watering in the city 

Breath-taking views of Los Angeles 

  • Film City-Streets of Hollywood/ Hollywood 
  • Disney Land 
  • Universal studios Hollywood 

Travel Guide: Paris by Chaitree Kundra

 Splendid greetings to one and all!! 

 My name is Chaitree Kundra who is 9 years old  and is going to talk about an eminent and the most populous city named Paris in France. The most ideal time to visit  Paris is June to October. The currency of Paris is is an expensive destination since, it is the home for high-end fashion houses. French and English are the two languages used in Paris. To commute in Paris tourist mostly prefer public transport. The specialities in food in Paris are baguttes, croissants, macarons, eclairs, French cheese, oysters, falafel, couscous. 

The most eminent places to visit in Paris are Eiffel tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum , Disneyland and many more.  

A passport and a visa is mandatory to visit Paris; moreover, travel insurance is extremely notable. 

Hereby, I conclude  by adding visiting Paris is value for money. 

To conclude

What do you think about this travel guide school project example? Would you consider doing a travel guide project with your class? Let me know what you think in the comments or via the contact page! P.S. The articles students wrote are left unedited so that we respect their autonomy as young, budding bloggers!

Teacher Milica & Teacher Shavy

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