Wonderland Workshop 3: Furniture sorting game, Cooking game, Board Game, Time Capsule (Developing Collaboration in the Group)

Hello, my dear colleagues! Workshop number 3 was the final workshop when it comes to get-to-know-you activities. We have finally formed the group and we will officially start with storytelling next tine. Keep reading this article to see how can you promote group collaboration in your workshop?

As a real enthusiast of storytelling, I’ve decided to create a storytelling-based learning curriculum which will be conducted in form of a workshop. Storytelling-based learning or narrative-based learning is not something we see in everyday practice. This method focuses on learning languages through literature, using storytelling at an early age. This curriculum is for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade

Storytelling-based Learning as a Way to Promote Language Acquisition in Young Learners

This third workshop was a mix of everything to just have fun and practice using English without pressure!

Materials, classroom decoration and applications used

Materials needed: Flashcards, cardboard, paper, printer, post-its, box, scissors, colored pencils.

Classroom preparation/decoration: Relaxing background music during the workshop.

Applications used: We use the Random name wheel to get to know the children and select their name randomly for activities.

Hello, hello, what’s your name?

We started our workshop with the Hello, hello what’s your name song to promote group collaboration and to make sure we remember everyone’s name. We also played a TPR name game while sitting on the table.

Let’s cook a meal together!

The children were given a list of dishes and more than 50 flashcards with ingredients. They had to sort the ingredients out and share things they both need if there was only 1 flashcard. It was hard, but then they decided to wait and observed the whole cooking process from the other group.

Let’s furnish the house together!

We explored the tiny textures of the furniture flashcards with these DIY binoculars! The children had the task to furnish 4 rooms of the house in 4 groups and separate the extra cards which belong to a fifth room (it was the bathroom.) They collaborated really nicely and they had fun naming the furniture together.

A space board game to improve collaboration in the group

One of the things that was missing in our group is collaboration. The group has more boys than girls and sometimes they can be a handful. I wanted to have a lot of collaborative activities in this get-to-know-you workshop so that I can promote group collaboration and ensure that they get along well in the future storytelling workshops. They loved the space game so much that they kept playing even after one of the boys won the game and the game was completed. 😀 I let them explain the rules to each other, translate, and play completely independently. It was great watching them organize independently.

You can download the document with the printable board game for FREE on the page below from ISL Collective.

Spontaneously bursting into singing

Some children were humming the song during crafting. The song got louder and it turned out almost everyone knew the full lyrics! We stopped what we were doing to do karaoke for the Believer by Imagine Dragons, while also clapping and stomping to the rhythm. We sang loudly and silently and the children were happy and shocked that we are actually having a random karaoke party. Learning is often spontaneous and why should we fight it when we can enjoy a song together?

Completing the All About me banners & individualized paper puppets

Since some of the children were absent and some came for the first time, we still had a lot of All about me banners to finish. The banners are now complete and we got to know each other a lot during the past 3 workshops.

Stickers as another form of individualization

We shared stickers they selected to everyone so that they can decorate their clothing even more and they were so eager to finish and to get a sticker. I definitely have to collect more stickers! 🙂

Finally, we were comparing our paper dolls with ourselves and we all concluded we did a great job! I can’t wait to use our personalized puppets in future storytelling workshops!

Time capsule poster for the Oxford competition

The third group of the children who were present from the first workshop completed all the activities so they continued to create a time capsule poster for the Oxford Time Capsule competition. This group of children finished their all about me bounties and they were free to start the time capsule poster.

This was the task:

For The Project Competition 2020, we’d like you to work in a group (2 to 6 students) to create a poster that explains what your life is like in 2020. Open the time capsules and answer these three questions on your poster:

1. What has changed in the world?
2. What has stayed the same?
3. What three things are most important in your life today, and why?

Your poster can be hand-drawn, made on a computer, or use real photos. If you use real photos, your teacher should submit Parental Consent Forms for all students that appear in the photos.

Oxford Project Competition 2020

Here is the finished time capsule poster

To conclude

This workshop was not so special compared to the first 2‚ but our group is still forming and all of the children need to have a chance to make their all about me bounties and their personalized puppets since we will use them in our future workshops when we act out scenes from books. The children were very relaxed and they enjoyed working on their projects without a rush. The goal of the first part of the workshop was to get the group closer together and make them collaborate. With this in mind, I must say that the workshop was a total success and

Posts about previous workshops and the program

What do you think about learning English in informal education? Do you like the concept of storytelling-based learning blended with crafting and a workshop? Do you think that this program can have a positive effect on children’s language level and 21st-century skills? How can you promote group collaboration in a workshop? Please write in the comments, I would love to hear your opinion!

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Alice is a 27 years old preschool teacher (Pre-K) with a B.Ed. She is currently enrolled in her Master studies, with a double major, one of them being English teaching methodology. She is also an online ESL teacher and blog writer for British Council. Last but not least, she is a mother of a very energetic toddler.

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