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Low-waste Lifestyle Goals We’ve Achieved in 2019

Educators who are trying to weave the sustainability in their classrooms first need to be environmentally friendly themselves. We need to slowly shift towards a low-waste lifestyle, set goals, and make our life choices more eco-conscious. This also goes for parents – we can try to develop environmental awareness in children, but we need parents …

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Christmas Materials Advent Calendar Freebie!

What is the Christmas materials advent calendar, you may wonder? Christmas is the time of giving, so why not share some materials and make this holiday more easy for all of us?I will share 1 free Christmas-themed material (pdf, ppt, and interactives) every day until Christmas. For those of you who are not quite sure …

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30 DIY Low-Waste Montessori Activities for Your Preschool or Home

You’ve probably heard a lot of things about the Montessori method, and if you search it online, you will see a lot of pricey wooden toys and a variety of didactic material you need to purchase. However, you can apply this method with the things you already have at home. Keep reading to find out …

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What Happens When a Teacher Has a Child With Development Difficulties

What happens when a teacher has a child with development difficulties? Honestly, when that happened, the only thought in my mind was: THIS IS NOT HAPPENING TO ME, THIS IS SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE. As a teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, I was able to acquire a lot of knowledge when it comes to …

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Low-Waste Zombieland Lapbook – Halloween Writing and Storytelling

Big holidays always leave enormous piles of garbage behind them, and teachers need to try to reduce the ELT footprint in any way possible. Keep reading this post to see how you can make a low-waste Halloween Zombieland lapbook! I love creating lap books, and I make them from a lot of recyclables – I …

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Mister Maker – Craft Box Review (First Box Free)

Hello, parents and teachers! Welcome to my first review post with Mister Maker Craft box! If you love crafting, then you will be thrilled to receive crafting boxes right to your door! We tested Toucan Box, so I thought – why not try this craft box as well? Mister Maker is interesting because I believe …