Renewable Energy Resources CLIL Unit (3 lessons + 1 project, 10+ activities)

Renewable Energy Resources CLIL Unit (3 lessons + 1 project, 10+ activities for young learners)

Hi, my dear colleagues! I’ve shared a huge renewable energy resources CLIL unit with many activities for teenagers and advanced young learners on my free materials website, and it has 10+ activities! ? This material is suitable for teenagers and intermediate or advanced young learners. It can be done online or face-to-face.

Listening Activities, Brainstorming, Sorting Energy Resources

With this lesson, you will:

1. Brainstorm where does our power come from?;
2. Listen to the audio and discover what the most used energy resources in 2019 were;
3. Watch a video to check the answers;
4. Explore an interactive graph;
5. Sort the energy resources into 2 groups (renewable and non-renewable).

Concept Review, Listening and Reading Comprehension Activities

Let’s learn more about the 4 basic types of renewable energy resources and do a fact-check.

Every page has at least 2 mistakes!
Try to fact-check the given information and share the mistakes you found in the live lesson.
Don’t forget to complete the interactive vocabulary review!

Exploration, Debate and Designing a Sustainable Home Project

In this lesson, you will:

1. Explore renewable energy resources in your closest community;
2. Add reliable resources and report back to the class;
3. Have an interactive debate with a spinner;
4. Start developing a plan for your own sustainable home following the given steps.


You can also explore the link and see the student creations in a reflective blog post linked to all products. ??

The materials are 100% free, so please consider leaving a review when you download

What activities would you use to introduce renewable energy resources to your young learners? Are there some activities you like? Is there a way to make your English lessons more sustainable? Write in the comments or via the contact page.

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