How to ‘Green’ your Language Lessons Webinar with ELTsustainable

How to ‘Green’ your Language Lessons Webinar with ELTsustainable: Sustainable English Lessons

Hi, everyone! Last week I had the amazing opportunity to unlock a new website, a redesign of! I also co-presented with Owain and Ben from ELTsustainable and investigated how to green up our language lessons. Watch the webinar to learn how we make our English lessons more sustainable!

A snippet from the webinar

sustainable English lessons

Join Milica, Owain, and Ben to investigate ways to green your lessons from three very different but complementary angles. Milica will share how she inspires young learners with creative and innovative lesson activities and projects, including her famous ‘Greenhouse Effect in a Jam Jar’ activity. Owain will share his ‘Ninja’ approaches to embedding sustainability into courses and classes where teachers have little choice in lesson content and topic. Ben will talk about the upcoming course ‘Language Teaching for the Planet’ that he will tutor in April. In the end, there will be the chance to ask questions. In this session, we will also unlock and launch the revamped website ELTsustainable and show some content we are most proud of.

Explore the session recording below

Explore the interactive webinar presentation below

What can you find on

Eltsustainable offers:

  1. Over 70 lesson plans related to sustainability in ESL
  2. Over 40 interactive digital lesson materials related to sustainability in ESL;
  3. Free training for teachers related to sustainable development goals;
  4. A brilliant course called ‘Language Teaching for the Planet’.

Make sure to explore ELTsustainable if you want to green up your classroom!

How do you include environmental issues in your young learner classroom without causing them to feel anxious? Are there some activities you like? Is there a way to make your English lessons more sustainable? Write in the comments or via the contact page.

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