(Mother) Earth Day Appreciation Arts and Crafts Gallery

Hello, my dear colleagues, students, and parents!
To celebrate this Earth Day, we had an Earth Day crafting project, where we gathered online and enjoyed some crafting, chatting, and just relaxing while listening to music. We made some fantastic crafts, so explore and see what did we do this Earth Day!

Trash Art English Language Workshop: Earth Day crafts

After the workshop, the students will be able to

  1. Understood how are humans and the natural ecosystem related;
  2. Developed some ideas on how to reuse waste creatively;
  3. Extended their environmental vocabulary;
  4. Had some fun making art!

We also enjoyed being featured on Twinkl and being a part of a great virtual Earth day gallery!

Crafting and natural/recyclable materials

Crafting is a natural activity for young learners, so why not make it even more realistic by using topics related to nature or even some materials from nature? Using recyclable or natural materials helps develop environmental awareness in chidden, and it is also a step closer to a sustainable classroom. I hope you enjoyed these crafts by our amazing young artists!

Have you ever done some crafting in your online English lessons? Will you be able to reuse these activities in your classroom? Let me know in the comments or via the contact page what do you think of this topic.

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Done in collaboration with ELLoquent, online CLIL school of English

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