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Let’s Go Back in the Past and Talk with an Important Person from History: Time Travel Lesson Activities + Posters

Hello, everyone! This post will summarize a project I did with Shavy’s English Hut, where we participated in a competition and went back in time! We had many amazing time travel activities, so keep exploring this post to learn more! Who is on your guestlist? The Project Competition is back, and this year we’re asking …

? FREE International (Mother) Earth Online English Language Workshops (Lessons) for Children

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another post with free English lessons or how I like to call them workshops for children. Why do I call them workshops, you may ask? The children are collaborating and leading the class, and we are constantly communicating, so I am not actually teaching at all! How come the workshops are …

Interactive Games with Online Spinners for the Online and Face-to-Face Classroom: Spin the Wheel!

Have you ever considered making your face-to-face or distance learning classroom more interactive by introducing games and activities with online spinners? These tools are simple to use, completely free, and you will see many tasks and activities you can do to spice up your classroom! So let’s play some spin the wheel games! A list … Renewable Energy Resources CLIL Unit (3 lessons + 1 project, 10+ activities)

Renewable Energy Resources CLIL Unit (3 lessons + 1 project, 10+ activities for young learners)

Hi, my dear colleagues! I’ve shared a huge renewable energy resources CLIL unit with many activities for teenagers and advanced young learners on my free materials website, and it has 10+ activities! ? This material is suitable for teenagers and intermediate or advanced young learners. It can be done online or face-to-face. Listening Activities, Brainstorming, … 3 Strategies for Giving Efficient Feedback: Guest Post by Victor Mejia

3 Strategies for Giving Efficient Feedback: Guest Post by Victor Mejia

Hi, my dear colleagues! I am proudly presenting a new guest post by an amazing EFL teacher from El Salvador, Victor Mejia! He will share many practical examples and share some strategies for giving efficient feedback, along with screenshots. Enjoy! “What did the teacher write on your homework?”  I hated this question related to teachers …

The Participatory Approach to Language Teaching & Why Should You Use it

Hello, my dear colleagues! This article is an article in the series of articles related to language teaching methodology, associated with the participatory approach. What is the participatory approach to language teaching? The participatory approach is similar to content-based instruction, but the content emerges from the students’ answers and participation in this approach. What are …

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