18 basic communication flashcards for the online classroom

18 Basic Communication Flashcards for the Online Classroom

Hello, my dear colleagues! This will be a concise post to link some useful material from my materials website: basic communication flashcards for your online classroom!

The online communication flashcards have 18 large flashcards meant to help you navigate and have better classroom management in distance learning.

Cut them out, laminate, or stick them to cardboard to make them more sturdy and you are good to go! These flashcards should help organize your classroom better, and they contain large illustrations and large sight words.

P.S. Just like almost all my materials, this one is also free!

These are the words and the illustrations featured in the flashcards

  1. You are muted;
  2. Look;
  3. Listen;
  4. Circle;
  5. Be silent;
  6. Wait;
  7. Breakout room;
  8. Raise your hand;
  9. Click
  10. Ask
  11. Answer
  12. Write/type
  13. Say
  14. Repeat
  15. Match
  16. Read
  17. Find
  18. Draw

Make an account and download for free. Then, if you lose your files, you can always come back to download them again!

For single classroom use only – downloading a material gives you one classroom license.

Have you ever considered using some online classroom flashcards to improve your communication and classroom management? Which one do you use, and which ones do you need to work on? Write below or get in touch via the contact page if you have anything to add or say.

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