What do I Have in my Magical Teacher Prop Cart_

What do I Have in my Magical Online Teacher Prop Cart? ♥ Props!

Hi, my dear colleagues! This is one of the first teacher vlogs I made where I describe the organization of my teacher prop cart, how I use it, and show the other parts of my home classroom. Do you want to know what kind of props I have in my magical online teacher cart?! Watch the video below!

Links to a few of my materials mentioned in the video

online teacher props

The online communication flashcards have 18 large flashcards meant to help you navigate and have better classroom management in distance learning.

These are the words featured in the flashcards:

  1. You are muted;
  2. Look;
  3. Listen;
  4. Circle;
  5. Be silent;
  6. Wait;
  7. Breakout room;
  8. Raise your hand;
  9. Click
  10. Ask
  11. Answer
  12. Write/type
  13. Say
  14. Repeat
  15. Match
  16. Read
  17. Find
  18. Draw
online teacher props

These watercolor animal alphabet flashcards include some unusual, interesting animals we cannot see every day. Explore the full set to find out which ones!

What do you think about my online teacher props? What kind of props do you keep in your home classroom? Let me know if you like some parts, and also write in the comments or via the contact page if you want to know where I got certain items. You are free to download and use the materials in your classroom! ✨?

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