ECT – What are the Steps to Becoming an Edmodo Certified Trainer?

Hello, my dear colleagues!
I was invited to join the Edmodo Certified Trainer training and I completed it last week. In this post,1ž I will summarize the whole training from the beginning to the end, along with sharing my submissions and benefits of the certification. I hope it inspires you to use Edmodo more and apply for the next certification cohort.

Here is some basic information from the Edmodo help center:


1. Edmodo Ambassador status or referral by an Edmodo Team member.

2. Certified Trainer Application Form: This form will be shared with Edmodo Ambassadors and referrals when we are ready to launch a new cohort and includes contact information, background on your role in education, and evidence of professional development experience/statement of desire to lead others in formal Edmodo PD.

3. Completion of a “Train the Trainer” course: This course is delivered through live Edmodo webinars and coursework completed in an Edmodo group. Details of this course will be shared with you when your application is accepted.

4. Upon completion of all requirements, you will receive:

5. The Edmodo Certified Trainer digital badge: This can be shared on your website, blog, email signature, etc.

6. Letter of completion: This letter explains, in detail, the work you have completed as a participant in the train the trainer course for the ECT program.

7. Certificate naming you an official “Edmodo Certified Trainer”

Application for the course

Before you start with the training, you have to apply to become a trainer or to be invited from someone from inside of Edmodo. I was invited so I don’t know how does the initial application looks like. The first step is the application group where you have to complete a test and showcase your Edmodo knowledge, along with creating a screencast so that the trainers can see how effectively you use Edmodo.

1. Complete a test and showcase your Edmodo knowledge
2. Creating a screencast so that the trainers can see how effectively you use Edmodo

When you complete these two steps, you will be officially enrolled into the certification course which had 8 assignments + an onboarding webinar at the end.

Train the Trainer course

The classroom has groups – discussions & questions and share your work. The participants were very active and you can get a lot of constructive feedback in the group! 🙂 A rare gem in the online proffesional development world.

ECT #1: Link to Post Hashtag Conversation

Your Task: Review the attached resources to learn more about Bloom’s Taxonomy and the SAMR model then introduce yourself to the cohort by posting in the Discussion & Questions small group (listed in the left sidebar). You may attach videos and images to your post. ‌

To complete this task:

  1. Review the attached resources. ‌
  2. Navigate to the Discussion & Questions small group (listed in the left sidebar). ‌
  3. Compose a post that includes your name, location, job title, how you use Edmodo, and at which level of the SAMR model you feel most familiar with for technology integration. You may share additional resources and stories from your classroom relative to technology integration. ‌
  4. Reply to your cohort-mates’ posts in the Discussions & Questions small group.

I have to admit that I LOVED the videos and they reminded me of so many great educational theories and I learned new things about the SAMR model.

ECT #2: Instructional Design & Pedagogy

The second task included a timed quiz – 60 minutes for 22 questions about instructional design & pedagogy. I was a bit sad because I got 66 out of 75, but it’s a pass and it’s still a good score! 🙂

ECT #3: Link to Post Hashtag Conversation

To complete this assignment we had to compose a public post that includes a specific, existing hashtag and shares resources/ideas on how to use Edmodo for a specific use-case such as blended, flipped, project/problem-based learning, gamification, differentiated instruction, etc. ‌

We had to open this assignment and attach a “Link from Web” and paste the link to the post, and hit the Turn in Assignment button. I decided to make a video about differentiated learning and individual student portfolios.

My submission:

ECT #4: Link to Post of Comment on Hashtag Conversation

The next assignment was to engage in a constructive conversation with someone on Edmodo and post a link to that conversation in an assignment. I love communicating with teachers on Edmodo and Edmodo is a place to connect and learn new things.

ECT #5: Link to Post of Edmodo Feature Screencast

In this task, we had to create a 1-5 minute screencast using our choice of tool. The screencast should showcase one Edmodo feature and provide information on how to use the feature and the importance or outcomes associated with the feature. Then we had to create a Post in the Share Our Work small group that includes the link to the screencast. ‌

Finally, we had to open this assignment and attach a “Link from Web” and paste the link to the post in the Share Our Work small group and hit the Turn in Assignment button. ‌ After submitting our assignment, we viewed and commented on the screencasts our cohort-mates have posted.

My submission:

ECT #6: Create a Use-Case Training Class

In the task six, things became serious! 🤣

We had to create a training class designed to teach others how to use Edmodo for a specific purpose or use-case. ‌ Ideas include, but are not limited to, “How to Use Edmodo…”

  • To Flip Your Class
  • For Social and Emotional Learning
  • For Digital Citizenship
  • For Gamification
  • For PBL
  • with SAMR ‌

The training class we developed was supposed to be designed in such a way as to teach participants about a topic while also practicing the functionality of features in Edmodo. ‌

ECT #7: Record a screencast of your training agenda

In the task number 7, we had to record a screencast of our training class, explain how will the training be conducted, showcase the small groups and resources we made in a 5 minute screencast.

My submission:

ECT #8: Training Agenda

Finally, we had to write a detailed plan for our training agenda and submit it for the last evaluation. We were given a template and it was not hard to make the plan after we already made a screencast & all the resources.

ECT #9: Seminar

‌To celebrate the completion of the cohort and provide us with the next steps as an ECT, Kate Baker hosted live-video conference meetings. We celebrated our completion of the cohort experience and discussed:

  • Representing Edmodo
  • Questions surrounding trainings
  • Resources for training
  • ECT Community group

Benefits of being an ECT

Certified Trainers enjoy exclusive opportunities and benefits, such as:

1. Membership in the ECT Professional Learning Community (PLC), connecting you to Edmodo Learning Programs and a global network of your peers

2. The official Edmodo Certified Trainer t-shirt

3. Giveaways for training participants (2 requests per year)

4. Use of the “Edmodo Certified Trainer” digital credential to market your services

5. Invitation to attend future online or face-to-face professional learning opportunities

6. Eligibility to apply for conference scholarships

7. Eligibility to contract with Edmodo to fill training opportunities in your region

Information from the Edmodo help center

To conclude

I loved the training and It made me enjoy the trainings I conduct on Edmodo more now that they are official and that I can share Edmodo certificates with my colleagues.

I also connected with over 160 colleagues in less than a month, and after learning to use hashtags, I started posting engaging posts and articles on Edmodo, with an amazing response from other educators. The certification is probably one of the most valuable EdTech certifications because we wiil get official stars as Edmodo ambassadors on our profiles and we are supported by Edmodo so we can organize accredited PD.

What do you think of the tasks in the Edmodo certified trainer program? Have you ever participated in a training connected to a specific LMS or educational app? Write in the comments, I would love to hear your opinion!

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