Connections-based Learning – 20 Useful Groups for Teachers on Facebook

Hello, my dear colleagues! This post will shed some light on how you can use Facebook for networking and share some great groups for teachers on Facebook.

Why should you join teacher groups on Facebook?

The quality of your teaching can improve by sharing your knowledge or by asking other teachers to share their knowledge.

Connections-based learning is a legitimate approach to learning, and plenty of research has confirmed that teachers can develop professionally by networking with other educators.

When you join teacher groups, you will be able to use Facebook for learning  – you will see posts on your homepage as you casually scroll down, and you will learn seamlessly and without any special efforts.

Sharing is caring, so whenever you have a great idea – feel free to write it down in one of these groups!

Click on the question marks in the picture above to reveal explanations and tips!

20 Teacher Groups on Facebook

Some of these groups will serve as a place to share and download free resources, and some will be more inclined toward sharing advice and answering questions. Whatever the case may be, you will find out when you join the groups!

  1. British Council Teacher Community
  2. English Worksheets & – TEFL, TESOL, ESL, EFL
  3. Teachers resources, teaching tips, teaching articles
  4. Resources for English teachers
  5. Free Teacher Resources
  6. Resources for ESL/EFL Teachers
  8. Free Homeschooling Resources
  9. Free Resources for English Teachers
  10. Teachers- sharing ideas and resources for the classroom!
  11. English teachers resources
  12. English Learners & Teachers
  13. TEFL, TESOL & English Teachers: Resources & Jobs
  14. Innovative Teachers of English
  15. Free Teacher Resources
  16. Innovative English Teachers’ Club
  17. ESL games and activities
  18. Resources for English teachers
  19. Digital resources for elementary students

Here are some steps you can take to connect with educators easily.

  1. Join a minimum of 5 groups.
  2. Comment and engage with teachers daily!

I hope these groups help you connect more and learn about new methods and activities you can use in your classroom. If there is a group in which teachers collaborate and work together and it’s not on this list – write it down in the comments below or via the contact page! Have fun exploring these Facebook groups for teachers!

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