🌎 FREE International (Mother) Earth Online English Language Workshops (Lessons) for Children

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another post with free English lessons or how I like to call them workshops for children. Why do I call them workshops, you may ask? Well, the children are collaborating and leading the class and we are constantly communicating, so I am not actually teaching at all!

How come the workshops are free?

Well, not everything in this world needs to cost money. I volunteer a lot, and I decided to open up my virtual classroom to the world and have children from various countries have fun online. 2020 hasn’t been kind to us, but that does not mean that we cannot have an online party!

Level and age

These workshops are for children aged 6 to 14. Please do not apply to participate in this workshop if your child is older or younger since non-native children aged who do not fit the age group will not benefit from this workshop since it is above their level. Every workshop has its specific age group.

Number of students

The number of students who can attend the live lesson is 30. Your child can join and please send this link to other children so that we can have more friends from all over the world.

How long are the workshops?

The workshops are 30 minutes long, and they are very dynamic so that younger learners do not lose focus.


In the workshops, we will use highly interactive digital materials and communicative activities.


In the workshop we will use highly interactive digital materials, separate children into rooms, discuss, solve riddles, puzzles, describe, listen, have a role-play, and have some holiday fun!

Attendance diploma

At the end of every workshop, all the children will get a small, nature diploma for attending the lesson. It will be blank and the child or the parent will be able to enter the name into the gap.

You do not need to install anything!

The live workshops happen right in the browser and the children do not need to share their email or install any apps. The parent will share their email to receive the joining link and the code for the lesson to protect children’s privacy.

You will get an access code, and a link for it. You only need to type a nickname or a name, and add the code. That’s all! 

Explore the workshop topics and apply to participate below!


If you haven’t received your email please check…

The following folders in your inbox:

Spam (hotmail)

free English lessons children

Promotion & social (gmail)

free English lessons children

Take a look at the screenshots below to find those folders. Make sure to whitelist emails coming from Alice in Methodologyland to be able to receive them in the future.

Calculate your time zone

Use this link to calculate the time zone and see if you can attend the live lesson. 

If you want to see my digital teaching portfolio and learn more about me before you sign up, explore the link below.

Click here for my digital portfolio

free English lessons children

You missed the free English lessons for children this month?

Don’t worry, you can join every month, so head on to my online school and subscribe to be informed about the upcoming free workshops!

About Alice Glass

Alice is a 29 years old preschool teacher (Pre-K) with a B.Ed. She is currently enrolled in her Master's studies, with a double major, one of them being English teaching methodology. She is also an online ESL teacher and blog writer for the British Council. Last but not least, she is the mother of a very energetic toddler.

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