? How Can We Make Emergency Remote Teaching More Effective with a Limited Amount of Time?

Hello, my dear colleagues! This post will help you make your remote teaching more effective with these easy tips.

? I was selected as one of the 10 DipTESOL Scholarship Contest finalists a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the scholarship, but I am still proud to be selected among so many other educators.

These were the participation steps

Step 1:

Make a video (maximum 90 seconds) where you briefly demonstrate or explain your top 3 tips for teaching English effectively online. These tips could be related to planning, tools, equipment, activities, communication, or anything else that you feel would help teach classes effectively online. Include:

  • 3 x tips
  • Why you chose them
  • How you have used them to teach online effectively

Step 2:

 Upload your video via the form below by Friday, July 17th, 2020

Step 3:

“Like” our Facebook page, Follow us on Twitter, or join our LinkedIn group. We will announce the 10 finalists on these platforms on Friday, July 24th, 2020

Step 4:

Choose a learner or group of learners you know well and design a 60-minute online lesson for them. Select a topic they will find motivating and relevant and then create a relevant communicative objective and language objectives that will support that communicative goal. Please include examples of the language you will teach. From your language objective, select pronunciation aims and include examples. Then, write a 200 to 300-word rationale for the topic and objectives telling us why this lesson is relevant to your learners.

Take a look at my application video below.

? How can we make emergency remote teaching more effective with a limited amount of time?


Video transcript

My name is Milica, and today I will answer the question: How can we make emergency remote teaching more effective with a limited amount of time?

1. LMS – Learning Management System

My first tip is LMS. Why did I choose LMS? Simply because LMS is a learning management system, it also stands for ”One ring to rule them all!” If you use an LMS, such as Edmodo, you can create your own online classroom. In this classroom, you can create small groups, share all of your resources, group all your resources, communicate with parents, communicate with students, communicate with colleagues, and conduct all of your assessments in one classroom.

2. Interactivity

When I say interactivity, I mean interactivity beyond the screen, not interactivity that is multimedia-based. Why? When you have some real-life interactivity that happens beyond the screen, your students are more engaged, and their attention improves. Therefore, if you want to teach online more effectively, try to use some props, toys, daily calendars to promote daily classroom rituals, realia, objects, and flashcards.

3. Network

Finally, my tip number 3 is network. When we network as teachers, we develop our 21st-century teacher competencies, learn, share with our colleagues, and improve our instruction.

Online teacher survival kit consists of:

  1. LMS – Learning Management System;
  2. Interactivity beyond the screen;
  3. Networking and communicating with colleagues.

What does your online teacher survival kit consist of? Is your remote teaching effective enough? I have been teaching online, but I am curious to know the issues of teachers who are now in the emergency remote teaching mode. Write in the comments or via the contact page!

effective remote teaching

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